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The Electronic Family Tree 09/30/2017

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The Electronic Family Tree every Saturday at 1pm EST on Canada’s Bombshell Radio and catch up on Mixcloud over 200 back shows playing classic and new synthpopelectronica and discovering tomorrows talents today . TANGERINE DREAM Echaskech Rusty Egan Presents Depeche Mode
Exposed Brick DC Meter Bridge EINMUSIK Icarus @Starcluster and Marc Almond @Destination featuring Stephen Newton Ryan Vail Hannah Peel
Spandau Ballet (Official) OPTIC @Knight$ IAMX Tom Tom Clubberl
The 400 Blows Rolbac & Etchar 2raumwohnung Omega dB NHOAH
OMD @They Called Him Zone Stereo Total Apollo Four Forty @OctoLab

Stranger Things Main Theme Tangerine Dream
Bitter Mask -Echaskech
Heroes (Peter Gabriel) Stranger Things OST
Wonderwerke (Hifi Sean mix) Rusty Egan Presents
Heroes ( Highline Sessions Version ) Depeche Mode
Leña – Exposed Brick
Leaves of Three Meter Bridge
Carried On (feat Thomas Gandey – Betoko remix) Pete Grace
Serenade – Einmusik
Be somebody – Icarus
To Have And Have Not Starcluster and Marc Almond
In Nobody’s Prayer (Real Experts Remix) – Destination featuring Stephen Newton
Stranger Things Dj edit Ryan Vail
Goodbye Earth -Hannah Peel
Andromeda M31 Hannah Peel
Through The Barricades (Extended Version) -Spandau Ballet
Follow You -Optic
So Cold (Extended APM Edit) Knight$
Mirtazapine IAMX
Wordy Rappinhood – Tom Tom Club
Movin_Special Extended Club Mix – 400 Blows
Floating Memories (original mix) Rolbac & Etchar
Freie Liebe (Westbam’s Electro -2Raumwohnung
Big Data – Omega dB
Abstellgleis -NHOAH
O.M.D. – Waiting for the Man (Bat Disco Rough Mix) Dj Black Candy
I Like Noise -They Called Him Zone
Heroes – Stereo Total
Stop The Rock – Apollo Four Forty
Better Be Safe Than Sorry – OctoLab

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