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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan 01/25/2020

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— with Rusty Egan.

Intro – Prinzessin

Trust – Sixth June

Invalid Syntax (Crystalline Stricture Remix) – Vehement Inversion

Coming on Strong (edit) – Gabriel & Dresden

Lost in Desperation – Black Egg + Beta Evers

Das ist nicht das Ende Baby – 2Raumwohnung

Disconnection – Prinzessin

After Dark – Essenger

No Miracles – SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms)

Endless Cold – Fragrance

A Spell – Antiflvx

Blood Disco (MADMOIZEL Remix) – Misfortunes

Kadimah – Glitterwølf

Cockatoo – Mitra Mitra

Lunar Lost – Permanent Wave

Fear of Money – Sixth June

The City Under This City (Iv/An Nocturnal Remix) – FOKKER

Winter Didn’t Come – Sixth June

Das Grab – KomPROmat

Whistleblower – ELVETT

Invisible (Original Mix) – Fischerspooner

No one’s to blame – Gabriel & Dresden

Heat – Mitra Mitra

Untold – Black Egg + Beta Evers

A New Kind of Man – John Foxx

Falling Apart – Into the Blood

The Guilty And Gifted – SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms)

Infinito (Spanish) – Antiflvx

Promise – 3Force (feat. Megan McDuffee)

One of them – Daniel Deluxe

Praxis Solar – Equinoxious

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