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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show host: Marcus Schueler 04/18/2020

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— with Marcus Schueler @Odilon’s Grip

No connection – Crystalline Stricture

Wild Roses (Fragrance Remix) – Prayers

Bells of January – Sydney Vallette

I Don’t Wanna (Radio Edit) – Pet Shop Boys

The Great Escape – GREY MASK 

I am a fool – Mei Jun Bing

Another Record – Crystalline Stricture

Flashlight – napalm visions

Flux – PÜ (Püroette auf der Krafftmalerei)

The Strange Path – Hundred Crusades

Gothic Candy – Death Loves Veronica

Devil’s Juice – Interstellar Funk & Robert Valera

dissolve – smilegroup (feat. Anna)

Closedown – Zoltan Freitag

Time Will Tell – Pocket Knife Army 

Giallo Inferno (Original Cut) – Kendal

Interlude – Mei Jun Bing


Borderline – Hierba Negra & Ferdinand Cärclash 

You Look Like Paradise – Liquid Land

I Walk Alone At Night – Pale Blue

Eternal King – Mei Jun Bing

TV World – Fashion Invasion

Cold Expanse II – No New Dawn

Fallen Angel (Icarus) – Black Egg

Nobody (Las Confusas – River Mix) – No Hay Juventud 

Cave – MortalBoy 

Love Fades Away – Cold Colors & XIU

Will I Ever Know – Glaring

Thrills (club Tularosa Boot Mix – Club Tularosa) – Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys

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