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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan 03/14/2020

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— with Rusty Egan.

Special Guest Host : Marcus Schueler

The Product is You – Le Cliché

Decade Apart (Actors Remix) – Antipole

Close to Midnight (D.V.A. Mix) – Neuropa

Tempted Late – Empathic Assessment Module

Dada Lay Dying – Plastic Ivy

Down to One – Jonn Gauntletier

At Last (Opale Sad Mix) – Fragrance (feat. Maya Postepski)

Serotonin – Violent Vickie

Resolution – Vogue.Noir

Bitch Face – Velvet Kills

Black Candy – Cosmetics

No Shame – Reyko

The House – smilegroup

You Have it all – New Cross

L’Extase et la Terreur – Maman Küsters

Honest Light – New Cross

Nostalghiachism – Empathic Assessment Module

Famous Monsters – Chromatics

Sombre Soleil – Blind Delon

Today Tomorrow (Naked Mix) – Italoconnection

La notte é oscura – Dame Area

Flying Machines – Fashion Invasion

De ton absence (Single Version) – Dmitry Distant & Arnaud Lazlaud

Under The Red (Leæther Strip Remix) – Boytronic

Black Leather Gloves – Cosmetics


Invitation to sleep – Truck Stop Alien

Downpour – Deadlife

Grey Raincoat – Usagi is Dead

Sadness – Trauma Phase

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