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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan 11/23/2019

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— with Rusty Egan.

bleeding [instrumental] – Fire Sign

bleeding – Fire Sign

Breaking Dub – Rusty Egan Presents ft Shimmer Johnson

Obedience – Neon Lines

Voices In The Dark [Album Version] – Intellivision

Blind Dogs for the Guides – Cult With No Name

Rebellation – Fashion Invasion

Our Spaceboy (Remodel) – Eurotix

Murder She Spoke – Holy Braille

Welcome to Synthtopia – Eric C. Powell, Andrea Powell

After The Fire – Der Kommissar

Her Smile – DepthCruiser

West End Girls Leon & Toky Aka Superhero Remix) – Dino Lenny

Strangelove (Razormaid Mix) – Depeche Mode


Burning the heather (radio edit) – Pet Shop Boys

Always Suited Blue – Fader

The Blitz (Victory Mix) – Neuropa

Repetition Rusty Egan Radio Mix 136 bpm – B-Movie

No-One Driving – John Foxx

Utopia – Ekkoes

Echoes -Theater Kids

Welcome to Synthtopia Eric C. Powell, Andrea Powell

To Hell (Part of the Art – Extended Mix) – Scarlet Fantastic

Watch Them Drown (Summer Lake Remix) – Tactile Frequency

Lullaby – Shook

Lucretia My Reflection – Parralox

E4 Tomorrow (Take Control) – Analogue Electronic Whatever

Movin_Special Extended Club Mi – 400 Blows

bleeding [beatless] – Fire Sign

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