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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan 01/04/2020

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— with Rusty Egan.

Existence – The Bleak Engineers
Fision You – Circa Tapes
Frequency 7 (Dance Mix) – Visage
Fer-de-Lance – Linea Aspera
Madonna Dell’Arpeggio – Synths Versus Me
A Leur Seul Desire – Luminance
Money Can’t Dance – Fischerspooner
Je Detest Attendre – Potochkine
Here and There (Blume Remix) – Mind Machine
Fever (Stilz Remix) – Witch of the Vale
I’ll Walk You Home – Betamaxx
Mirror – XIU
Aphelion Part 10 – Andy Pickford
Energy Sync (Club Mix) – TERR
Lamanai – Linea Aspera
The Bleak Engineers – Multidimensional Way
Call To Order – This is The Bridge
David Bowie – Sunday (Tony Visconti Mix)
Exploded Patterns – Luminance
Hell is Full – Patriarchy
The Answer To Life And Everything – Charlotte Someone ft Lokka Vox
Fleurs D’Hypnose – Potochkine
Disco Kerosene – Circa Tapes
Machines love better – Synths Versus Me
Lost in a Dreamworld – Betamaxx
Disco – Sextile
Possession – XIU

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