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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan 01/11/2020

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— with Rusty Egan.

Tall Sails – Handful of Snowdrops

But Not Tonight – Eric C. Powell

Dead End – Doggerland

Right Side – Pixel Grip

We Hadn’t Slept For Twenty Years (Bronski Beat Remix) – Andy Bell

Pflanzen Unter Dem Eis – Oberst Panizza

Young Americans – The Cure

Maze – Jeff Mc Call

Blablabla – La Mécanique

Parabolix – Scape One

Abyss – Pastel Ghost

You and Me (Silverhook Radio Edit) – Tareq

Wraith – Silent EM

Strangers Eyes – Katja von Kassel (feat. Anne Clark)

Watching You – Techniques Berlin

Extra Ordinary – Teen Blush

Caution – Violet Tremors

The Four Winds – Handful of Snowdrops

Kalter Lippenstift – Velvet Condom

Queen Bee – Eugene

Clouds – Pastel Ghost

Columba – Lake Avalon

Beat the Clock – Sparks

Metropolis – Techniques Berlin

All That I need (Lloyd Price Remix) – Stella Wembley

No Fun – Betamax (feat. Mecha Maiko)

Return of Yesterday – Silent EM

Rain – Shiraz

Sons Of The Silent Age (from Heroes Symphony) – Philip Glass From The Music Of David Bowie & Brian Eno

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