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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show host: Marcus Schueler 04/11/2020

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— with Marcus Schueler @Odilon’s Grip

EFT 11/04/20 – Track List

Berlin Moon (Electrosexual Edit) – Sherø

1983 ft Eirene (People Theatre Remix) – Antipole

The Mellowing Year – Costume

Resolution (MADMOIZEL Remix) – Vogue.Noir

Die Zeit Danach – Das Muster

Rook – Dock Hellis


Planets – Delos

On the Edge Again (Peoples’ Pattern Remix) – New Neon

Waving Hands – COLD CAVE

Éther – Police des Moeurs

Tunnel Vision – Electricks

Rotten Garden – ABU NEIN

We have ways of making you dance – Sex Kino


Sex Drama – El Fugue

Romance Noire – Double Mixte

6 Steps to Nowhere – Popnoname

When the Night Falls (Director’s Blade Cut) – Electro Spectre

Les avions qui passent – Aude Vaisselle

Until the End of the World (Ladytron De-Shape) – Apoptygma Berzerk

A Sign – Liquid Land

Ganz Egal Was Ich Mach – Schwefelgelb

Vagabonds – Police des Moeurs

Too much days a row – Sololust

Dominator – Umwelt

I’m Bored – NeuGrau

Awakening (Kick Puncher Mix) – Alex & Tokyo Rose

Barcelona – Hino Bros

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