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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan 03/07/2020

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— with Rusty Egan.

Track List EFT 06/03/2020

Red Planets Waltz – Nao Katafuchi

History (Club Mix) – The Second Sight

The Shadows – ULTRA SUNN

The Dissolve – BOO

Cancel – No

Swallow You All (remix by The Horrorist) – Adan & Ilse

Letzte Ruh – Schwarzer Sand

No time to die – The Grey Disorder

Dying into a dance – ABU NEIN


I came here for you – Death Loves Veronica

The Rain – Circuit 3

Monde Fallacieux – Police des Moeurs

Between You Me and the Gate Post – Judit Juillerat

Poisoned Apple – Venderstrooik

Spectral Tease – Mareux

I want you so bad – Orion

Inhale the darkness  – Nao Katafuchi

Falling (Vogue.Noir Remix) – Wendy Bevan

Scorpio – Lizette Lizette

The Night (Animals cover) – Kid Moxie & Phil Diamond

L’armée du sommeil – La Main

No one – Into the Blood

The Siege (Darlos Ziell Remix) – Fiero

Rewind – 580 MILES

Run Run Run (Mollono.Bass Remix) – Yeah but No

Flight – peppy pep pepper

Abort the Mission – Charlotte Someone & Lokka Vox

Liebe Hat Keine Preis (Years Of Denial remix) – Maman Küsters

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