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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan 04/04/2020

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— with Rusty Egan.

Special Guest Host : Marcus Schueler

Clear Blue Sky – The Rorschach Garden

Ashes to Ashes – PreCog

Je Peux Pas – Kinex Kinex

Mirage – Endlose Emotion

Chord Shell – NiKiT

New Life – The Rorschach Garden

Mire and The Sea (S Y Z Y G Y X remix) – Push Button Press

Stay Out (Not In Your Sphere) – Nao Katafuchi

Blood King – Death Loves Veronica

Cet Hiver – LA MAIN 

Signals – Decay

Say Goodbye – The Endless

California Dreaming – Missing Persons

Falling Apart – Llewellyn

Money – Sex Poison

Dans Le Coin – LA MAIN 

The Least We Can Do – Other-Ed

Dirty Air (Marsheaux Remix) – Kid Moxie

The Last Descendant – The Rorschach Garden

Gopnik – Mareux

Not Enough For Me – Sine City

The Only Witness (The Wide Eye Remix) – Gloria de Oliveira

Saturn’s Dance – Sex Poison

To The Cold Fire of Our Heart – Victoria Lukas 

Sans Toi – Rue Oberkampf

Tentakel – Anti Trust

Too Deep (Version 2) – Kontravoid

Infobahn – Neuroc

Violation of Symmetry – Handful of Snowdrops

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