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The Menace’s Attic #812

This Week – Episode #812 (09/30/2017)  “I Did The Math And This Is The 116th” 7” Edition. That Means That If Each Record I’ve Played Spun For An Average Of Three Minutes At 45 Revolutions Per Minute I Have Absolutely No Idea How To Calculate...

Perfect Pop 27

today special PERFECT/POP ———>>>>> Including an interview with Steven Jones and the first play of CORRUPT STATE by Steve Strange, Steven Jones and Logan Sky… 8am-10am EST 1pm-3pm BST 5am-7am...

The Menace’s Attic #811

The Menace’s Attic Mon-Sat 5pm EST on ​Bombshell Radio Sunday’s 8pm EST New Shows Wednesday’s 1pm-2pm EST 10am-11am PDT 6pm-7pm BST Repeats Friday 5pm EST #classics #pop #rock #classicrock #themenacesattic...