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The Menace’s Attic #812

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This Week – Episode #812

“I Did The Math And This Is The 116th” 7” Edition. That Means That If Each Record I’ve Played Spun For An Average Of Three Minutes At 45 Revolutions Per Minute I Have Absolutely No Idea How To Calculate The Total Number Of Spuns, I Mean, Spins“
            Classic Rock


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  • Groove
Opening Song
It’s My Party – Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin (Stiff)
Set #1 If Girls Always Go For The Trouble Boys, Does That Mean The Trouble Boys Always Go For The Girls That Lead Them Into Temptation?
A Must To Avoid – Herman’s Hermits (MGM)
Johnny Are You Queer? – Josie Cotton (Elektra)
Psychedelic Shack – The Temptations (Gordy)
Set #2 Depending On Where You’re Listening It’s Either The Beginning Of Fall Or Spring And With That, A Set That Is So Seasonally Balanced, You’ll Never Need Permission To Flirt With The Cinnamon Girl Or For That Matter Get High With Her!
On The Beach – The Flirts (O)
Panama Red – New Riders Of The Purple Sage (Columbia)
Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young (Reprise)
Belly Of The Whale – Burning Sensations (Capitol)
Set #3 After All Those Fast Tunes It’s Time For A Couple Of Slow Dances. Boys, Remember To Keep Your Hands To Yourself, Girls Remember To Keep The Boys Hands To Yourself!
It’s A Night for Beautiful Girls – The Fools (EMI)
True Blue – Madonna (Sire)
Alison – Elvis Costello (Columbia)
(Theme From) Valley Of The Dolls – Dionne Warwick (Scepter)
Set #4 It’s Time To Let The Cat Out Of The Can, The Poles, And The Stevens Because Love Is Finally Out Of The Shadows!
Matthew & Son – Cat Stevens (Deram)
Can The Can – Suzi Quatro (Bell)
John I’m Only Dancing – The Polecats (Mercury)
Love Shadow – Fashion (Arista)
Closing Song
Love Shadow – Fashion (Arista)


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