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A Breath of Fresh Air Nov 15

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American rock band JOURNEY has a style that’s hard to define and pigeonhole. The group was formed in San Francisco by members of Steve Miller Band and Santana in 1973. Journey had its biggest commercial success between 1978 and 1987, when Steve Perry was lead vocalist. They released a series of hit songs, including 1981’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ which in 2009 became the top-selling track in iTunes history. One of its founders, music prodigy NEAL SCHON joins me today to tell us about the band’s genesis, Steve Perry’s departure and their latest album. The first in eleven years.

We also catch up with a pop/rock singer and songwriter whose smooth but gently soulful voice helped earn him a pair of hit singles in the early ’80s. Brooklyn born ROBBIE DUPREE used to sing with the group New World Rising. That band’s guitarist, NILE RODGERS went on to have an amazing career as a producer, songwriter, and leader of the band CHIC. We meet Robbie at his home in Woodstock NY to hear all about the changes in the music industry and to check on what he’s up to today.

Say hi to one of Australia’s most iconic 70’s bands that helped shape the history of the local music scene. JOHN SCHUMANN and REDGUM led the way in proudly telling Australian stories. For the first time, Aussie place names and cultural intricacies became fodder for lyrics and instead of trying to sound American, the band became one of the first to show off the distinctive Aussie accent. If you don’t live in Australia it’s likely you’ve never heard the songs before but I assure you, once you’ve heard them, you’ll never forget them!

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