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A Breath of Fresh Air Aug 1 2023

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This week we delve into the life and experiences of singer CANDI STATON, as she discusses her tumultous journey in the music industry, her battles with breast cancer, and the impact of her hit songs.

From overcoming addiction and abusive relationships to finding
success in the disco era, Candi Staton’s story is one of resilience,
determination, and the power of music.

The 83-year-old exemplifies versatility and resilience. She has managed to cross multiple genres and adapt to changing times, all while staying true to herself and staunchly refusing to imitate others. She’s faced many challenges but has always managed to come out stronger. Candi is not only a talented artist but also an inspiring figure who has managed to rise above several abusive marriages and dodgy managers.

Her rise to success is a story of talent, perseverance, and
adaptability. From her humble beginnings in Alabama to becoming a disco
princess, Candi has shown that she is a force to be reckoned with.

We hear how her journey began when she caught the attention of producer Rick Hall and married singer, Clarence Carter.

Crowned ‘The First Lady of Southern Soul’, she didn’t stop
there. In a bold move, she transitioned from soul music to disco, joining the
disco craze that was taking over the music scene at the time. This decision
proved to be a wise one, as her hit song “Young Hearts Run Free”
became a massive success and solidified her legend status.

 Despite achieving success and fame, Candi reveals that there
was always something missing in her life, leading to feelings of loneliness and emptiness. Candi acknowledges that she never fully resolved her loneliness despite being married six times.

She regales us with the long winded back story behind her other huge
hit ‘You’ve Got the Love’ and says she’s flattered by the fact that many younger artists now cover her songs. She also tells us about her journey with breast cancer and how she has used this as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

As you’ll hear, Candi Staton is one helluva positive lady who’s never been happier than she is today. With new music out now and a series of gigs still to come, her story since she began singing in church as a child until today, is quite remarkable. To quote the title of one of her most recent albums, Candi Staton is ‘Unstoppable’

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

For more information about Candi Staton head for her website

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