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ROXY MUSIC is the British rock band that emerged in the early 70s and became one of the pioneers of the glam rock and art rock movements. Formed in 1970 by singer and songwriter Bryan Ferry, along with bassist Graham Simpson and saxophonist ANDY MACKAY, the original lineup was completed by Brian Eno (synthesizers and keyboards), Phil Manzanera (guitar), and Paul Thompson (drums).
The band’s self-titled debut album, “Roxy Music,” was released in 1972 and garnered critical acclaim for its innovative sound, blending elements of rock, glam, art, and electronic music. The album’s cover featured model Kari-Ann Muller, which became one of the iconic images associated with the band.
Throughout the 1970s, Roxy Music released a series of successful albums, including “For Your Pleasure” (1973), “Stranded” (1973), “Country Life” (1974), “Siren” (1975), and “Manifesto” (1979). The band’s music and visual style were characterized by Bryan Ferry’s distinctive vocals, Andy Mackay’s saxophone and oboe contributions, and a blend of avant-garde and elegant imagery.
In this episode, Andy Mackay tells us that Brian Eno left the band after the second album, but his influence on the band’s early sound and artistic direction remained significant. Roxy Music continued to release albums and tour until they officially disbanded in 1983.
Andy Mackay was an integral member of Roxy Music, known for his contributions on saxophone, oboe, and other woodwind instruments. His saxophone solos and musical arrangements played a significant role in shaping the band’s unique sound.
After the initial breakup of Roxy Music in 1983, Andy Mackay continued to work on various musical projects and collaborated with several artists. He reunited with Roxy Music for occasional tours and recordings when the band reformed in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

He and Roxy Music were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019, where they performed a short set. The various band members continue to be very active in many different musical spheres and remain friends today.
Over the years, Andy has recorded solo albums and other projects for TV and films well as playing sessions for many musicians including the various Roxy members. He also wrote a book on electronic music, studied theology and most recently finished the 3Psalms project, a work between genres, rock, classical, electronic sacred and secular which stands to sum up his lifetime interests.

Andy Mackay and former bandmate Phil Manzanera have recently completed the album Roxymphony and both have completed Roxy Music’s 50th anniversary tour.

Check out the interview with Andy as he details his journey. It’s fascinating stuff. If you’d like to know more about Andy head for his website.



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