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This week: It’s our 100th episode of A Breath of Fresh Air so we’re celebrating by bringing you the most requested artists of all time. You voted for them so here they are.
We start with the inimitable GORDON LIGHTFOOT who at 83 years of age is still going strong and currently out on tour. Gordon walks us through many of the highlights of his mammoth career but also shares some of his deepest regrets. Don’t miss an extraordinary chat with the 60+ year legend of country and folk music.Declan Patrick McManus is better known as ELVIS COSTELLO – the English singer songwriter and record producer who’s won multiple awards, including Grammys. He’s married to singer Diana Krall and is dad to three sons. With his sixth album out now since 2020 Elvis shares some of the stories of his career, explains the thought process he uses to make music and why his most recent songs can only be described as urgent and immediate.

Our third superstar this week is the one and only PETER FRAMPTON whose breakthrough success came with the amazing double concert album Frampton Comes Alive, released in January 1976. It was so phenomenally successful, and his resultant fame so widespread, that it is hard to remember a time when he wasn’t a household name. Peter has had so many ups and downs during the course of his career but I’d be no-one would have thought his good looks would’ve been one of them. A car accident nearly killed him, he lost his love of his life and more recently has been diagnosed with a muscular degenerative disease that is set to prevent him from playing guitar. Our chat was nothing short of heartwarming and my affection for this man (already at a high level) grew beyond expectation.

Join me won’t you? And if you’d like to hear from someone from this era – just send me a message through the website I would LOVE to hear from you!

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