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A Breath of Fresh Air July 19

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This week:

Remember the UK band, the EQUALS? If you were around in the late 60’s early 70’s there’s no way you escaped hearing their smash hit ‘Baby Come Back’ all over the radio. Well, this week, founding member Patrick Lloyd joins me to tell us what it was like being one of the world’s first multi-racial groups, how difficult it was for EDDY GRANT to recover from injuries sustained in a car accident and what the band is up to today. Yes, they’re still around! They even have a new single out.

In our One-Hit-Wonder segment, I’m excited to introduce you to, Mr Spiders and Snakes, JIM STAFFORD – best known for his humorous country novelty songs of the mid-’70s. The multi-instrumentalist also enjoyed a lengthy career as a television personality and live entertainer and gives us the lowdown on his career high and lowlights as well as his marriage to singer songwriter, BOBBIE GENTRY.

Kiwi superstar singer/songwriter, SHARON O’NEILL built up a huge following in Australia and NZ during the 80’s and was a firm favourite with the boys. In fact, you could say she was something of a heart throb. Just ask one of our listeners who asked to me to find Sharon for him. I happily gave Steve the opportunity to say hi to his long time crush and he told us that he still gets into trouble with his wife for remembering Sharon’s birthday and not hers. You too can meet Sharon this week. She has some terrific stories to tell!

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