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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher)

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“The Last Of The Gentleman Adventurers”

Over the course of a 40-year career that started in 1982, the London born and Northampton raised and Oxford educated Pat Fish fronted the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy. The JBC was shortened to the Jazz Butcher and Fish, along with co-conspirator and guitarist Max Eider, had a rotating cast of characters in his band, varying from guys like David J of Bauhaus or Rolo from the Woodentops, The Jazz Butcher put out close to 15 studio albums, several live albums, a handful of compilations, box sets, singles—you get the idea. If you’re a collector—the Jazz Butcher is the band for you. They put our records on Big Time, Creation, Fire and Glass, and they played with R.E.M., Jonathan Richman and the list goes on and on. “She’s on Drugs” was the closest they came to a mainstream hit and by the late 90s, things had slowed down a bit for the band. Pat owned a bookshop, played locally a great deal, hosted the Masters of Budvar live series, and kind of just chilled out after nearly two decades of frantic touring, late night drinking, hotel staying and rock and roll mayhem. He was adored and never far from those who did all that adoring. He loved his cat, he loved to read, he loved to drink, he loved to smoke and he loved to play music. Recorded in 2009 as the Jazz Butcher’s The Last Of The Gentleman Adventurers album hit shelvers, this interview finds Fish in fine form, talking about the new record, Roddy Frame, The Blue Nile, his long-standing relationship with Eider and why it’s so hard to age in rock and roll….

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