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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Doug MacMillan (The Connells)

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Since 1984 The Connells have been crafting some of the most compelling, infectious and riveting pop music around. The North Carolina outfit have just put out their first new album in 20 years.
Called Steadman’s Wake, the album is another winning entry into an already winning discography. The band sounds reinvigorated and the songs are brimming with intelligence, grace and some of the
catchiest hooks of the year. Singer Doug MacMillan sounds as youthful as ever and he sings with some of the most inventive phrasing you’ll ever hear. The tracks jangle away mightily and the Connells
are at the top of their game. In this chat, Doug talks to Alex about TVT Records, The Replacements, and how being a collegiate athlete informed his life in a rock and roll band.

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