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Nuts On The Radio #120

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Thursdays 4pm EST

The ‘Nuts On The Radio, radio show’ is a weekly, 60 minute podcast featuring an eclectic mix of original material by independent artists from around the globe. There is so much great music by fantastic artists released into the world it’s only right that as much as possible is available to your ears. Having recorded with different bands over the years I know how hard it is to get your music heard, and this is my way of giving something back. Enjoy ! 

Ivar and tommy – ‘Super, man’
cruush – ‘Headspace’
Monroe & She – ‘Shattered Dreams’
The Darren Holland Project (feat. JenCat) – ‘The Nothing’
The Sweet Kill – ‘Forbidden’
Kained – ‘2CB’
Alien Chicks – ‘Steve Buscemi’
Big Bone Daddy – ‘Don’t You Lie to Me’
Big League -‘Dine Out On The Subdivide’,
oWo – ‘Collective Bargain’
The Get Arounds – ‘I Wanna Live’
The Shop Window – ‘Cherry Lemonade’
Spangled – ‘Crank Up The Splendour’
Human Interest – ‘Shapeshifting’,
Bad Mary – ‘Better Days’

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Nuts On The Radio