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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Andy Partridge, Stu Rowe, Jen Olive (The 3 Clubmen)

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“Dynamic, Kinetic and Unexpected”

So a quick introduction to the principal members of the 3 Clubmen will give you a foundational understanding of what this band is all about. Or will it? It won’t, because their sound is so unexpected and fresh and inventive, that a little background can’t prepare you for what they sound like, but introductions are part of our job, so let’s get that out of the way. Andy Partridge is one of the greatest songwriters to ever walk the planet. His work with XTC pretty much cements that statement, but his work outside of XTC with Robyn Hitchcock and Martin Newell
just give further evidence that Partridge is a first-rate talent whose discography is comprised of classic upon classic. The Swindon-Based producer/musician and Professor Stu Rowe has played with everyone from Paul Weller to Future Sound Of London to Shriekback
and the L.A.-born Jen Olive has an extensive resume, including writing and recording for A&M Records, putting out her own albums
and contributing music to various American Film Institute projects. Okay, so what about the 3 Clubmen? Well, the 3 Clubmen are an energizing and kinetic blend of experimental pop, jagged and racing percussion, bent jazz and inventive production. What does this add up to? Putting it simply, one of the most refreshing EPs of the year. Or, any year. This self-titled four song effort is filled with the unexpected and it keeps delivering pop surprise after pop surprise. The sonic angles
of The 3 Clubmen are sharp and dynamic and although the arrangements are textured blasts of idiosyncratic beats and rhythms, there’s a shimmering pop center to these songs that makes them utterly irresistible. We feel the same way about this chat.

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