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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Pete Astor (The Weather Prophets, The Loft)

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“Time On Earth”

In the early ‘80s, the British born singer-songwriter Pete Astor was the frontman for the band The Loft and when that outfit split up, he formed
the Weather Prophets who put out a trio of albums including the fabulous Diesel River and the miraculous Judges Juries and Horsemen. Astor kept the dream alive after the Prophets split up, emerging with fabulous projects like The Wisdom of Harry and Ellis Island Sound. Currently, Astor is a senior lecturer at the University of Westminster, and in 2014, his book on Richard Hell and the Voidoids’ Blank Generation, was published as part of Bloomsbury’s ongoing 33⅓ series on seminal rock and roll albums. Over the years Astor hasn’t stopped putting out solo albums which are practically peerless. From Submarine to One For The Ghost to his outstanding new one Time On Earth, Pete Astor remains one of the most compelling figures in modern music. He’s quietly released a discography that’s redolent with thought, lyrical dexterity, observational smarts and hooks galore. Astor is one of the most listenable artists out there. Of Time On Earth, Dave Cantrell of Stereo Embers Magazine wrote, “…it’s punchy in the melodic, reassuring way we’ve come to expect, somehow poignant and unsentimental in equal measure, it’s a worthy addition to an already-bursting canon of sublime pop jewels.”

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