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Top World Indie N° 20 of Sunday, February 26, to Wednesday, 1 March at 11 pm and 19 pm! An hour to listen to the independent artists of the entire planet! Isula Prod is “on air” in Toronto on
1°) ” flow my tears cie review (Méditerranée)
2°) ” Three Steps ” Suleiman Faraj (Palestine)
3°) “u mo country” Diana Saliceti (Corsica)
4°) ” Kahle Ngemshiza ” Bholodja and The Future Paradise (South Africa)
5°) “Amaralina” Thais Morell (Brasil)
6°) “Tandu who” Alba Cantu Corsu (Corsica)
7°) “the taste of your kisses” Celia Reggiani (France)
8°) “the other” Philippe Guidat / Pascal Rolando (France)
9°) ” Ode To Music ” Aynoa ( France )
10°) ” Myanmar Folk Song ” Anne Paceo ( France )
11°) “the alcudina” Carmin Belgodère (Corsica)
12°) “Alfonsina and the sea” Eliana Cuevas (Venezuela)
13°) “the beauty” Paul Felix Raffini / Philippe Delsarte (Corsica)

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