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Isula Prod – Top World Indie N° 4 10/13/2016

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Welcome to the top world Indie N° 4! Come hear and discover the independent artists of the great south of the entire planet. It is in Toronto in Canada who welcomes us now every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 pm to 12 pm and 19 pm to 20 pm, 1:00 PM-2:00 pm , 5:00 am-6:00 am is. A playlist per week, a nomadic programming and eclectic of Isula Prod! Welcome!

1) “permission” Stephane Salerno Jazz Quartet (France)
2) “SMO” Trio Soledonna (Corsica)
3) “release if” Sarah IP / Erico Moreira (Brazil)
4) ” Shou Bkhaf” Noha Fekry / Rami Atallah ( Egypt )
5) “the other” Philippe Guidat / Pascal Rolando (France)
6) “Trailblazer” Addie (France)
7) “philosophy pachanguera” Ruben Paz (Cuba)
8) “Flower of meninges” Celia Reggiani (France)
9) “a tea” the surghjenti (Corsica)
10) ” Little Buddha ” Anne Paceo ( France )
11) ” Orthodox Love ” Stix Dan ( Jamaica )
12) “December” Yolanda Yonne (Spain)
13) “cerqui plaça” Corou of Mediterranean Berra (France)

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