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Welcome to Top World Indie n°6, on this show we’ll discover the new album of Galavar, The Corsican Jazz of Fabienne Marcangeli, the World music of Sissy Zhou, The Occitan voices of Lo Barrut, and the choir of Radio Babel Marseille, the folk songs of Pense Bête and Jakez Orkeztra, Brazilian Music of Monica Passos, Traditional music from Turkey with Olcay Bayir, ans Classical music from Celia Reggiani.

1°) “Mexico” – Pierre Luciani Galavar (Mediterranean / France)
2°) “to close” – Fabienne Marcangeli (Corsica)
3°) “Butterflies in love” – Sissy Zhou (China)
4°) ” Today ” – Anne Paceo ( France )
5°) “Tango” – Lo Barut (OCCITAN / France)
6°) “where are leaving our fathers” – Jakez Orkeztra (Corsica)
7°) “a new language” – Eliana Cuevas (Venezuela)
8°) “the taste of the orange” – Think Beast (Mediterranean / France)
9°) “Congo mboka kitiko” – Juslin Likaka / Patricia Mvundi Bakezi (Congo / Morocco)
10) “the taste of the things” – Solemar Porter (Mediterranean / France)
11) “Miracle of the fish” – Monica Steps (Brazil)
12) “Caldo” – Stephane Salerno Quartet (Mediterranean / France)
13) ” Yar said “- Bayır Ridge (Turkey)
14) “it was mea” – the surghjenti (Corsica)
15) “Babel” – Radio Babel Marseille (Mediterranean / France)
16) “the moment forgot” – Sissy Zhou (China)
17) “Hypochondria 2” – Celia Reggiani (France)

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