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Isula Prod – Top World Indie 12 Natale 12/25/2016

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Top World Indie N° 12 “Natale Edition” of Sunday December 25, to Wednesday, 28, at 11 pm and 19 pm! A SPECIAL EDITION FROM 2 h00 to listen to the independent artists of the entire planet! Isula Prod is “on air” in Toronto on
With Letizia Giuntini (Corsica), Najem Mohamed (Palestine), trio soledonna (Corsica), Juan Carmona (Spain), françoise atlan and Constantinople (Mediterranean), Alba Cantu Corsu (Corsica), the Ultima (Spain), Galavar (France), Karima Nayt (Algeria), Barbara Furtuna (Corsica), Cie Rassegna (Mediterranean), Radio Babel Marseille (Mediterranean), Anna Rocchi (Corsica), Theo (Corsica), Anne Pacéo (France), Laurent Bruschini (Corsica), Yvonne Mwale (Zambia), Fen Tensi (Spain), Jacky Micaelli (Corsica ), Stix Dan (Jamaica), Noha Fekry and Rami Atallah (Egypt), Aurelio (Garifuna), Anima Lotta (Sicilia), I surghjenti (Corsica), Sarah Pi and Erico Moreira (Brasil), think beast (France), Monica Passos (Brasil), Addie (France).

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