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Isula Prod – Top World Indie 16 01/22/2017

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Top World Indie N° 16 of Sunday, 22 January, to Wednesday, 25, at 10 pm and 19 pm! An hour to listen to the independent artists of the entire planet! Isula Prod is “on air” in Toronto on with Anne Pacéo (France), Juan Carmona (Spain), Yolanda Yone (Spain), Patrizia Poli (Corsica), Solemar Porter (France), Faraj Suleiman (Palestine), think beast (France), Monica Passos (Brazil), Barbara Furtuna (Corsica) Changamiré (USA), Cristian Zarate (Chile), Françoise Atlan (Mediterranean), Moncho Solo / Jalal El Allouli (Corsica / Morocco) Diana Saliceti (Corsica).



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