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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers)

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“When The Storm Has Passed”

With ten albums or so under their indie folk belts, The Great Lake Swimmers have consistently been one of the most arresting affecting and spellbinding bands around. The Canadian outfit introduced themselves to the world with their self-titled 2003 effort and since then
have put out classics like New Wild Everywhere, The Waves, The Wake and the Juno-nominated Lost Channels, which was also shortlisted for the Polaris Prize. Sonically, the band bring to mind everyone from R.E.M to Teenage Fanclub to Miracle Legion. And throughout their songbook, singer Tony Dekker’s poetic lyrics form a literate blend of ecology, environmentalism and good old fashioned romanticism. He’s a potent triple threat. The band have also put out four live albums, four EPs and a covers album that features takes on numbers by The Rolling Stones, Tom Waits and NeIl Young and John Cale. Oh, and Dekker also has a marvelous solo album called Prayer of The Woods. The point here is that there’s a healthy crop of Great Lakes Swimmers material for you to plunge into. But the music you’re hearing on the program today is the band’s first new music since 2019. It’s been a while. But they’re back and they’ve never sounded better. Their two new tracks—“When The Storm Has Passed” and “Moonlight, Stay Above”—feature Dekker’s trademark poetic finesse and penchant for writing some of the catchiest and heartfelt songs on the planet. We’re glad they’re back!

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