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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Malrody

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“I’m Not Sure At All”

Bringing to mind a low-fi Kate Bush mixed with Cat Power and Beth Orton, the Kent-born Marlody is a revelation. Her debut album I’m Not Sure At All is a rich and lustrous affair, filled with confident songwriting about feeling unconfident. And that’s the beautiful thing about Marlody—her music is a delicious cauldron of contrasts
that’s redolent with vulnerability and strength. The songs on I’m Not Sure At All ache with longing and uncertainty, yet then ring out with bursts of sure-footed courage, poise and tenacity.
A trained classical pianist with an orchestral future set out before her, Marlody tossed traditionalism aside and immersed herself in indie noise rock like Shellac and Slint and found a through-line that linked the classical with the cacophonous. I’m Not Sure At All is one of 2023’s great finds and Marlody’s music is a riveting and spellbinding listen.


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