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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Steve Michener (Big Dipper, Dumptruck, Volcano Suns)

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“All Going Out Together”

It makes sense that the Massachusetts-born Steve Michener was in three seminal Boston bands: The Volcano Suns, Dumptruck and Big Dipper. The Volcano Suns were an outfit that Michener formed along with former Mission of Burma drummer Peter Prescott, he stepped in on bass with Dumptruck after their first album and he co-founded Big Dipper who were on the Homestead label before signing a big major deal with Epic. I’ve always loved Steve’s playing—he’s steady and strong and his baselines roll with power and groove. And the story today that he’s going to tell is about how he jumped into music and very slowly inched his way out. And I think the inching out is what’s the most fascinating thing here—sometimes people have the ability to look ahead and actually ask: What do I want and is this the best way to get it? Steve did that and he realized the things he wanted could not be attained while playing in a band. And so he stopped. Sort of. Then he really stopped. I’ll let him tell you his story—that seems fair, right? Anyway, Steve is a lovely guy and a voracious listener to music of all kinds—he may have inched his way out of rock and roll, but he’s kept a foot firmly in it on his own terms.

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