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For The Record March 6/2019

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00:00 “Any World”,”Steely Dan”

02:56 “Caves of Altimira”,”Steely Dan”

07:15 Sireneuse,Sibila

11:50 “Long Old Road”,Sibila

16:34 “The Visitor”,”Aegis Visitor”

18:50 “Escape Planet Zoeuf”,”Aegis Visitor”

21:56 Desire,”Neon Arcadia & Megan McDuffee”

26:37 Haptics,”North Innsbruck”

29:47 Orijin,”North Innsbruck”

33:47 Rain,”Color Palette”

38:07 Chelsea,”Color Palette”

43:37 “Fortress (Video Edit)”,”Miles Matrix”

47:37 “Campari Soda”,”Miles Matrix”

52:07 “Gypsy Spring”,”Larry Frazier”

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