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From Memphis to Merseyside #5

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From Memphis to Merseyside Ep. 5 ‘The Bubblegum Era’ In the 1960s and 1970s popular music branched off in several different directions. Rock and roll took a heavier turn post-Beatles with the rise of bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd who were being played on newer FM radio stations. However, this music was aimed at a slightly older audience. Songwriters quickly learned that a younger demographic (starting with pre-teens) had a lot of disposable income, and the era of ‘bubblegum music’ was born. This music was safe, sanitized and written to please a wide audience, and they had the record sales to prove it. But there was another reason why this music caught on: The 1960s saw an enormous amount of social change happen. During these turbulent times, and a period where many viewed rock and roll as becoming hopelessly self-indulgent, the escape provided by a three-minute bubblegum song could be a welcome relief. Today on ‘From Memphis