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Addictions and Other Vices 519 – Bombshell Radio Top 10 June

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Tonight it’s our Bombshell Radio Top 10 Countdown for June . This time I had the assistance of 4 Presenters who also air their show on Bombshell Radio. Alex Green ( The Heart Goes Boom, Stereo Embers) Brandon Charles Alternate Universe (Alternate Universe ) Jazzamatazz Retro Dj mixes of many groovy styles of music (Jazzamatazz) and Skipthedj Radio Hootenanny

& Ska Party Radio) and Special Guest judges returning this month Bernard Frazer of Church of Trees & Taxi

Below In the comments section I will include insights and reviews of our Top 9 from Bernard. And one special review generated from Alex.

All of these artists stood out to us and deserve to be recognized. As usual on the show we’ll check artists Facebook profiles and try to enlighten ourselves and our listeners with any background of our chosen 10. We’re looking for likes, interests, and influences. Then as a way of saying thank-you to the artist we will let their favourites dictate our playlist tonight by playing one or two of their choices. If the artist doesn’t have one tonight , we have what seems to be a pressure point lately Law tracks on hand as substitutes. . This is Addictions and Other Vices – Bombshell Radio Top 10 Countdown.

We hope you enjoy!

Bombshell Radio Countdown May/June

1. I Fought The Law / The Clash

2. Spin Our Wheels / Sloan Music

3. Until The Sun Comes Up / Daniel Pearson

4. State Trooper / Bruce Springsteen

5. Lawyers In Love / Jackson Browne

6. A New World / Go-Kart Mozart

7. In Accordance To Natural Law / Los Campesinos!

8. Sexx Laws / Beck

9. The Sea Castle / Orouni

10. Harry Rag / The Kinks

11. The Laws Have Changed / The New Pornographers

12. Transition / The Winachi Tribe

13. The Message / Grandmaster Flash

14. Martial Law ( Hey Man Smell my Finger) / George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

15. Hello Bug Lord / The Gold Web

16. Bad Law / Sondre Lerche

17. Breaking the law / Judas Priest

18. The Lawman / Mack David

19. I Don’t Know Why I Love You / Soft Science

20. I’m in Love / Teenage Fanclub

21. Love Is the Law / Thompson Twins

22. Like Gary Numan / Church of Trees

23. Too Bad, So Sad / Metric

24. Law (Earthlings On Fire) / David Bowie

25. Love Is Like Clock Law / Gary Numan Official

26. Aginst Th’ Law / Billy Bragg

27. Wonder / Gus Harrower

28. This Is America / Childish Gambino

29. Authority Song / John Mellencamp

30. Lay The Law Down / james

31. Meet Me In Mexico / The Drums

32. Law Of Nature / The Juliana Hatfield Three

33. Blackberry Wine / Hollow Hand

34. Put The Law On You / Natalie Merchant


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