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Addictions and Other Vices 672 – Bombshell Radio Top 10 Countdown February 2020

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Bombshell Radio​ Top 10 Countdown for February – Addictions and Other Vices Podcast 11am- 2pm EST

Repeats Friday 8am-11am EST and Saturday 10am-1:00pm

This time I’ll have the assistance of 4 Presenters who also air their show on Bombshell Radio. Alex Green ( The Heart Goes Boom, Stereo Embers) )Jazzamatazz (Retro Dj mixes of many groovy styles of music (Jazzamatazz) and Skipthedj Radio Hootenanny & Ska Party Radio) and Special Guest judge returning this month Bernard Frazer of Church of Trees & Taxi Below In the comments section I will include insights and reviews of our Top 10 from Bernard. Also one again joining us for this Countdown is Matt Dalzell (The British are Coming) Tuesdays on Bombshell Radio. These artists stood out to us and deserve to be recognized. As usual, on the show, we’ll check the artist’s Facebook profiles and try to enlighten ourselves and our listeners with any background of our chosen 10. We’re looking for likes, interests, and influences. Then as a way of saying thank-you to the artist we will let their favourites dictate our playlist tonight by playing one or two of their choices. If the artist doesn’t have one , we have Alligator or Crocodile tracks on hand as substitutes. – Bombshell Radio Top 10 Countdown. We hope you enjoy!

  1. Crocodile Walk (BBC 1965) / John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
  2. Mouthbreather / Saltwater Sun
  3. The Highway again / Remington super 60
  4. Market Traders / The High Llamas
  5. Alligator / Paul McCartney
  6. Celecongratulations / Mr Ben & the Bens
  7. A Well Respected Man / The Kinks
  8. Alligator Skin / Tilly And The Wall
  9. Mr. Insecure / Walrus
  10. I Am The Walrus / The Beatles
  11. Crocodiles / Echo And The Bunnymen
  12. Fiction / Peach Pyramid
  13. Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh / David J
  14. Alligator / Tegan & Sara
  15. Will o’the wisp / Pet Shop Boys
  16. Planet Rock / Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
  17. Five Years / David Bowie
  18. Alligator Stomp / The Cramps
  19. I Don’t Care / The Assist
  20. Out Of Time / The Jacarandas
  21. Crocodile (Alligator) / Underworld
  22. I Wanna See Blood / Emma Garell
  23. Bad Reputation / Joan Jett
  24. Alligator / Of Monsters and Men
  25. Ride in the Unknown / Nada Surf
  26. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker / Ramones
  27. Crocodile Love / Johnny Clegg, Jaluka, Savuka.
  28. Your Capricious Soul / Michael Stipe
  29. Wichita Lineman / Glen Campbell
  30. Crocodile Rock / Elton John
  31. On the Way to the Airport / Le Trouble
  32. See You Later Alligator / Bill Hailey And His Comets


Our Final Top 10 results are in….

Bombshell Top Ten by Bernard Frazer of Church of Trees whose new album GrETA drops April 22, 2020 on Bandcamp and all streaming services

  1. Le Trouble / On the Way to the AirportI love love love this track! Montreal’s Le Trouble have really outdone themselves by producing a single that is vital, urgent, with equal parts tension, grit, and grace!The vocals, in particular, are a standout. A cross between Dallas Green (of City and Colour/Alexisonfire), Marc Bolan, and Jeff Buckley.Songwriters take note, this song is a masterclass in superb craftsmanship!Not bad for a group that admits they “stumbled into being a band”! 
  2. Your Capricious Soul /Michael Stipe. In his first outing as a solo artist, Michael Stipe has struck gold. Your Capricious Soul is a riveting and mesmerizing track whose hypnotic, intensity is incredibly satisfying.Discussing the timing of his re-emergence, Stipe notes:“I took a long break from music, and I wanted to jump back in. Our relationship to the environment has been a lifelong concern, and I now feel hopeful… I believe we can bring the kind of change needed to improve our beautiful planet earth, our standing and our place on it.”Amen.
  3. Nada Surf / Ride in the Unknown The veteran New York City alt-rock band cranks out a super-catchy and rather epic banger that had me gripped from note 1. Guitarist/vocalist Matthew Caws has a such a lyrical and emotional quality to his voice that it transforms the chorus into a memorable event. I’m reminded of The WaterBoys’ “The Whole of the Moon.” Bravo!
  4. Emma Garell / I Wanna See BloodGritty, sweaty, and oh so cool, is what came to mind as I clung with frenzied desperation to Emma Garrels’ new track “I Wanna See Blood”. Like great sex, the track is seductive and dangerous, and the ecstasy is ever heightened from one exquisite moment to the next. This steamy banger is the perfect frame for Emma’s skilful vocals, and it is enhanced with a gritty and sometimes ‘Waits-esque’ style production. Fantastic! 
  5. The Assist / I Don’t Care”I Don’t Care” hurled me instantly back to a sweaty mosh pit of mid-90s Brit rock, and I loved it! This sizzler was made that much more authentic courtesy of Mikey Stanton’s thick Birmingham accent. We pump our fists and pogo with abandon as he spews the line “I can’t stand this relationship/Is it wrong that I just don’t care?”… but WE care! Great track! 
  6. Pet Shop Boys / Will o’ the Wisp. Breathtaking and fresh, the hot new Pet Shop Boys single “Will-o’-the-Wisp” is as new sounding as it is classic PSB. The opening track off their 14th studio album, HotSpot, the single is a powerful reminder of the band’s “staying power”! At this point in their career, you might expect the venerable duo to rest on their creative laurels. But not so for Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. 40 years ago, they designed the quintessential ‘synthpop’ sound … but in 2020, they’ve updated their patent! I give it Number One with a bullet!
  7. Peach Pyramid / Fiction Victoria, BC’s Peach Pyramid is the alter ego of Jen Severtson, who is a master of deliciously elegant vocals and searingly intimate narratives. Her new single, “Fiction”, is an irresistible mid-tempo groove replete with guitars that are steeped with subtle edge, and a production that is superbly dreamy. It’s already on repeat. Lovely.
  8. Walrus / Mr Insecure. Halifax’s “Walrus” dishes up a powerful dose of fun with their late 60s, psych-pop inspired “Mr. Insecure”. The hook-filled, Beatles-esque ditty will, no doubt, position the band as the heirs to Sloan’s “Can-pop” crown. Very Nicely done! 
  9. Mr Ben & the Bens / CelecongratulationsQuirky and fun, “Celecongratulations” reminds me of late-60s Kinks with a splash of “Belle and Sebastian”, and it reeled me in — hook, line, and sinker. Ben Hall’s quirky vocals, imaginative melodies, and interesting key changes are reminiscent of early T-Rex. This is a stand-out track!
  10. Remington Super 60 / The Highway Again Reminiscent of late 60s FOLK-pop , “The Highway Again” by Nowegian legends “Remington Super 60” overflows with tranquil melodies and alluring vocals. It is pure retro heaven. One reviewer described the song as: “a slow morning car ride in a late 60’s film, the sun coming up, filtered through the trees, with the dusty road ahead and the promise of the unknown.” Well, that sounds about right to me! 


Addictions and Other Vices
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