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Addictions and Other Vices 741 – Bombshell Radio Top 10 Countdown October 2020

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Bombshell Radio​ Top 10 Countdown for October – Addictions and Other Vices Podcast 3pm- 5pm EST

Repeats Sunday 8am-10am

Photography: Amber Scott

These artists stood out to us and deserve to be recognized. As usual, on the show, we’ll check the artist’s Facebook profiles and try to enlighten ourselves and our listeners with any background of our chosen 10. We’re looking for likes, interests, and influences. Then as a way of saying thank-you to the artist we will let their favourites dictate our playlist tonight by playing one or two of their choices. If the artist doesn’t have one , we have Spider tracks on hand as substitutes. – Bombshell Radio Top 10 Countdown. We hope you enjoy!

  1. Spiders / Run River North
  2. On the Way to the Airport / Le Trouble
  3. Hit Me / 88/89
  4. I Stand Corrected / Vampire Weekend
  5. Under the Milky Way (The Church) / Metric
  6. Glass Spider / David Bowie
  7. Milk / Wynnm
  8. Take Me to Your Heart / Eurythmics
  9. Spider in the Snow / Dismemberment Plan
  10. End Of Days (rObPreuSS version) / Church Of Trees
  11. Spider And I / Brian Eno
  12. The Last Dive / Ethan Gold
  13. Loco Mosquito / Iggy Pop
  14. Tarantula/ Roma OST / Beck
  15. What Happened To Me? / parker
  16. Larvae Love / Weekend Lovers
  17. Fleetwood Mac/ The Chain
  18. Sweet ‘n’ Sour / Baby Shakes
  19. Now and Always / Rockpile
  20. Welcome, Spiders / Paula Carino
  21. Moving / The Happy Fits
  22. The Black Widow / Alice Cooper
  23. Spiders / Ozzy Osbourne
  24. Moment in the Sun / Sunflower Bean
  25. Boris The Spider / The Who
  26. For Sure / Future Islands
  27. Spiders House / Califone
  28. True Romance / Abbie Ozard
  29. Mean Red Spider / Muddy Waters
  30. Itsy Bitsy Spider / Carly Simon


Our Final Top 10 results are in….



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