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“Bergen Street”

The Brooklyn-born Chapin Sisters’s new single—which is their first new material since 2017’s Ferry Boat—is called “Bergen Street” and it’s about moving. And because it’s about moving from Brooklyn to the Hudson Valley, The Chapin sisters have had to have a lot of conversations about that move and what it means. Leaving Brooklyn really is kind of a big deal for sisters Abigail and Lily because they have pretty deep familial roots there.The Chapins are a Brooklyn family and their father Tom and his five brothers put their stamp on the city with their sixties folk band The Chapin Brothers. Two of those brothers you might recognize immediately–Tom Chapin is a well-known folk legend, whose albums for kids are absolute staples and their late uncle Harry, whose “Cats In The Cradle” is a staple on AM radio, was a beloved singer/songwriter as well.
Reaching back further, their grandfather Jim Chapin was a well-known and respected jazz drummer. So music and Brooklyn run deep and moving away was a big deal and “Bergen Street” effortlessly chronicles what it feels like to have familiar geography in your rear view mirror. It’s a wrenching, aching and utterly gorgeous song that’s filled with
poetic precision, melodic finesse and otherworldly harmonic bliss.In other words, the Chapin Sisters have stayed right on brand. Since 2004 they’ve put out a handful of marvelous albums, including The Chapin Sisters Sing The Chapin Brothers, A Date With The Everly Brothers and Lake Bottom. They’ve also recorded with Cass McCombs and She and Him, and collaborated with Michael Fitzpatrick of Fitz and the Tantrums
as well as Louie Stephens of Rooney. Pick any of their albums or EPs and prepare to swoon. Their voices braid effortlessly together and rise and fall with heartbreaking immediacy. Their phrasing is precise, their delivery is heavenly and the way every syllable soars is nothing short of spellbinding.

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