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“Renewal, Regeneration, Revival”

Clocking in at just under two minutes, “Stays With You” from Blesson Roy’s debut album Think Like Spring perfectly exemplifies what the band does best—craft great pop songs that take no time at all to lift off.  The band’s braintrust is the L.A.-raised Terry Borden, who grew up in the ’80s loving punk rock but also loving all that great stuff from the UK that could be found on 4AD or Creation or Rough Trade. He played in Pete Yorn’s band and he was a member of the legendary slow core outfit Idaho. His debut album as Blesson Roy has the perfect title in Think Like Spring—after all, the record is about renewal, regeneration and revival. A dreamy blast of layered melodies, textured choruses and mesmerizing soundscapes, Think Like Spring is emotional, thoughtful and vulnerable and it soars mightily away with the kind of muscle and grace that brings to mind everything from the Cocteau Twins to Ride. The songs and the creation of the recordings, Borden says, “Felt like a warm place in a cold and dangerous world.” In this engaging conversation Borden talks to Alex about growing up in Los Angeles, his love of Echo and the Bunnymen, his relationship with the past and the difficulty of making friends as we get older.

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