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Emergency Anthems Show 18

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Emergency Anthems Today 12pm – 1pm EST

Thanks to Crysta Lynn of Jasper Music PR and Plugging for constantly supplying us with great new artists and for this new Mix together.We hope you enjoy!

Repeats TUESDAY 3pm EST and Friday 10am-11am EST 

Cover art by Adam Adrian

Emergency Anthems Show 18

Hey Punks & Petals! Welcome to the new Emergency Anthems show. As always, I have packed this baby with massive tunes. Some are new finds and others are old loves. A quick shout to that tiny dancer Lauren for introducing me to Zeitgeist Zero and Party For One. Love it!

Stay safe and be kind peeps! XXX

Big love to our friends at Bombshell Radio who keep the embers burning at Emergency Anthems. Find all things #BombshellRadio at

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Track Listing:

01. Bones by LOWLIVES

02. Poet Boy by The Battery Farm

03. Isolation Deprivation by Sweet Knives

04. Fear by Shepparton Airplane

05. As You Crawl by Fu Manchu

06. Jenny by KOJ

07. Fall Asleep by Fever Blush

08. disco by Cheerbleederz

09. The Hope by Fallow Land

10. Party For One by Zeitgeist Zero

11. Where Do You Go When You Dream? by Woods

12. When It’s All Over by Gasoline Heart

13. Crazy Jean by Wayne Everett

14. (To all the) Sweaty People by Boat, Johnny Askew

15. Dumb Baby by The Coathangers

16. The Things Themselves by Holy Hive, Mary Lattimore

17. The Future Never Come by The Knievel Dead


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