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Emergency Anthems Today 4pm – 5pm EST

Thanks to Crysta Lynn of Jasper Music PR and Plugging for constantly supplying us with great new artists and for this new Mix together.We hope you enjoy!

Repeats Thursday 10am EST and Saturday 2pm-3pm EST 


Emergency Anthems Show 19

Hey Punks & Petals! Emergency Anthems Show 19 is hot and ready. We have a ton of fun making these shows and sharing new music with some of our older faves. Thx to our friends at Bombshell Radio for keeping the fires burning and making this a regular thing. Check it out on

Cover art by Adam Adrian

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Track Listing:

1. Block S Falls by The Battles Of Winter

2. The Getaway by Nasty Nachos

3. Glitter by True Body

4. D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L by Panchiko

5. Too Hot in L.A. by Woody and Jeremy

6. Fire Fire by Two Headed Dog

7. In the Morning by A.O. Gerber

8. Whoopie Cushion by Ambrose Chappel & Ikashflo

9. After Hours by PINS

10. Sit Down Meal by Dry Cleaning

11. Sweet by Porridge Radio

12. Boyfriend by Marika Hackman

13. Wildfires by SAULT

14. Dust by Veiila

15. Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Weezer


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