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Everything and the Kitchen Sink/ Metal – May 2020

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Today 11am-1pm EST

Not usually the music we play here on Bombshell. Sometimes we make exceptions. Hope you enjoy!

#indie #industrial #deathmetal #punk #thrashmetal

Finally a new Everything and the Kitchen Sink !!! Thanks to EatKS listeners who retweeted that they wanted a metal show. I am quite sure that this is not the metal you are looking for.Thank you for your support of listening to the shows!

      EatKS – Everything and the Kitchen Sink April 2020 (Metal) Show

metal in brackets coz I don’t need the villagers coming at me with their pitchforks 😉

Bastard Child Death Cult – “American Graveyard” *

Samad – “Treacheries”

Power Trip – “Hornet Nest”

Malhavoc – “Naked”  *

Brutus –  “Fliflu”

Blast Bitch – “Sociedad”

Iszoloscope – “Stretched into the Thereafter”

Kill the Kong – “Interstellar”

Cancer Bats – “Devil’s Blood” *

HIMIKO – “Why War”

Slayer –  “Filler/ I Don’t Want to Hear It”

Red Market – “Young Blood”

Immortal Bird – “Saprophyte”

3TEETH/Ho99o9 – “Lights Out”

*denotes Canadian artist


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