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“Drive Your Convertible Into What’s Left Of The Summer”

Wilderado’s “Surefire” is such a late summer anthem that it makes Alex want to get in his convertible and drive into what’s left of the summer. But then he remembers: he doesn’t have a convertible and he’s in the middle of doing a podcast. So: back to business. Convertible or not, Wilderado’s track is so catchy, so free and so irresistibly awesome, it’s one of the year’s best songs. Not only that, but this American outfit are quickly establishing themselves as THE band to watch out for in 2020. After a winning three-stage stint at Lollapalooza, a tour with Mt. Joy and with a debut album just about done, Wilderdo’s career is about to hit stratospheric heights. In this chat with singer Max Rainer, the Oklahoma-born musician talks to Alex about discovering music in college, what it’s like to have a burgeoning career with two young children at home and why he’s not worried about his kids Googling him in ten years. The two also talk about the trick of touring around family, J.J. Cale and how to keep this crazy life in perspective.

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