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SNEAK PEEK June 11.2019

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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) 10am-1pm EST bombshellradio.comArtefaktor Radiowe have teamed up with this fantastic radio station from Mexico. Throughout the week we present various shows from their lineup, and archive some of the shows for your listening pleasure.We hope you enjoy! #SneakPeek, #Synthwave, #Synthpop, #NewMusic , #Mix , #ArtefaktorRadio , #BombshellRadio , #NowPlaying, #BombshellRadio

THIS WEEK: 40 tracks + 1 Flashback 
#FLASHBACK : Julee Cruise – Mysteries Of Love 
Ionnalee – Mysteries Of Love 
TUFF TURF – Negative Wave 
IEVA – Ride 
V-Sor,X – The Return 
Moonlight Breakfast – The Case Where I Find Love 
Memorex Memories – Pictures Of Purple Skies 
Humachine – STREAMLIGHT 
CNJR featuring Lucie Hamzova – HRS 
Ansgar Stock – Interkontinental 
Famished For Blonds – Under The Planets Of Chelsea 
Empathy Test – A River Loves a Stone 
Turbotito – Careful Original_Mix 
Torul – So Long, Goodbye 
S Y Z Y G Y X – Avoid The Void 
HIEROPHANTS – Limousine 
#SantiagoCabrera – Bridges 
FM Attack – My Life 
#BuzzingSoundCandy feat Fériel – You Take Me High 
#V.X.D – Hypocracy 
Shiny Darkness – Rock’n Roll Pride extended 
Simple Madness – Insults (Crisscross Remix) 
Costume – I Only See 
Fourth Engine – Altitude Sickness 
SubClass – If I Fall 
Cowgirl Clue – Icebreaker 
Embrace The Crisis – Lessons (ETC You Break These Chains Remix) 
Stockholm Nightlife – This Love LA Rush Radio Mix 
Little Bug – Everything 
sisyfuss – twist u up (my words) 
Roderic H – Stronger 
Vanguard – Riot (Agonoize Remix) 
Jamaica Suk – Dreams of a Distant Journey (Inland Remix) 
She Past Away – La Maldad 
Swimming Tapes – It Gets Old 
Caídas Libres – Poderes simples 
Container 90 – Friendship And Love 
Yuno – Sunlight 
Rosemary fairweather feel better 
BB Brunes – Habibi 
French Police – Je Te Veux



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