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SNEAK PEEK July 2.2019

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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) 10am-2pm EST Artefaktor Radio we have teamed up with this fantastic radio station from Mexico.Throughout the week we present various shows from their lineup, and archive some of the shows for your listening pleasure.We hope you enjoy!

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THIS WEEK: Great show! 40 tracks, (3 cover versions) + 1 Flashback 

The Hails – Nothing 
Into the Blood – Can’t get Enough 
Hollowlove – Particle & Wave (Darwinmcd Remix) 
Schwarzchild – In the air tonight 
Private Agenda – Aura 
Mathias Stock – Leaving Andromeda 
Levinsky – Arousal 
Doug Tuttle – Fade 
Detuned Gloom – Cloud Neon 
Abc Dialect – Searching 
10eighty6 – miss you 
Static Shore – Innocent Tea 
Missing In Stars – Hold Me Now 
Kizunaut – Neurowave 
Subclass – Let It Go 
The Ocean Beneath – Setting Sun (feat. Nath Jackson) 
Tenedle – Enjoy the silence – DM Cover 
Honey Beard – Like A Fire 
Paolo Tarsi – Artificial Intelligence (Lothar Manteuffel Mix) 
Vague Notion – Ocean Love 
Negant – Euthanasia 
Selmer – Thinkin’ Freely 
Man With Glasses – Welcome To Lucy 
Mika Ella – Take It Or Leave It (Daniel Monaco Cosmic Remix) 
GuyMac, Sam Lowe – In The Beat Original Mix 
Fourth Engine – Altitude Sickness (Nature of Wires Remix) 
Spray – We Gotta Get Haircuts (Ricardo Autobahn Remix) 
Two Door Cinema Club – Satellite (DERRICK CARTER REMIX) 
The Black Fever – No Work 
Thom Yorke – Traffic 
#WorldPremiere: #NatureOfWires – Madame Serena 
Humachine – AIRLIFT 
1984 (In Stylish Hair, We Were Sharp Dressed Men) [Club 80s UK Radio Edit] 
My Hysteria – Survive 
5thPlanet – Floating 
Boytronic – All You Can Eat – (Ant-People Remix) 
#WorldPremiere: SombreMoon – Breathe Fused Extended Crash mix 
Ansgar Stock – Deep Space Alien Encounter 
Our Broken Dreams – Follow

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