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SNEAK PEEK May 14/2019

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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) 10am-1pm EST

Artefaktor Radio

we have teamed up with this fantastic radio station from Mexico. Throughout the week we present various shows from their lineup, and archive some of the shows for your listening pleasure.

We hope you enjoy! #SneakPeek, #Synthwave, #Synthpop, #NewMusic , #Mix , #ArtefaktorRadio , #BombshellRadio , #NowPlaying, #BombshellRadio

THIS WEEK: 35 tracks! 
Hlemma – Slow to Tremor 
Glenn Main – Mother 
Elodie Rêverie – Rêverie 
Howard Jones – The One to Love You 
Seven Seers – Bittersweet Paradise 
Drinker – California 
Mind Cinema – Neon Fire 
BIG DATA – Put Me To Work 
DJ Ten & By An Ion – Eternal 
varärdu – bli kär 
Signal Aout 42 – Under pressure 
Red Sleeping Beauty – Dont Cry for Me, California 
Projekt Ich – Thanks feat. !distain (Monotronic Remix) 
Patience – No Roses 
All Hail The Silence – The Alarm (Vince Clarke Remix) 
Aquilo – I Gave It All (Stas Drive Remix) 
Automelodi – La poussière 
Nórdika – Nada Más 
Embrace The Crisis – Break Free 
FrozenPlasma – Gefühlsmaschine Club Mix 
POS2 – Gib mir noch Zeit (Renegade Remix) 
Jigsaw Sequence – Berlin Girl (Big In Germany Remix) 
SNBRN – Tits On A Tricycle 
Matt Surfin’ and Friends – Waiting on You 
Beta PSI – Psychosomatic – (Quint S Ence – Doctor’s Mix) 
Mineral Kult – DJ Saved 
Alice Hubble – Goddess (Bricolotheque Remix) 
OMNIMAR – Dream On (Depeche Mode Cover) 
Analogue-X – Angel of Light (Thomas Dark Wave Mix) 
Maschine Brennt – Overload (Original) 
#BuzzingSoundCandy – Tasted Heaven 
Gregory Dillon – Alien Boyfriend 
Shadow Pilot – Pandemica 
PALAIS IDEAL – Catharsis 
Paradise Cove – Inside


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