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Alex Green #Interview w/ David Mead

“David Mead Arrived With Not A Bit Of Scruff”
While a lot of artists just starting out have to go through the scruffy apprentice phase, David Mead seems to have arrived fully formed. The singer/songwriter’s 1999 debut The Luxury Of Time didn’t have an ounce of scruff on it. A shimmering pop song-cycle,the album was as perfectly crafted as anything by pop veterans like Crowded Houseor Squeeze. Mead’s divine falsetto and smooth croon made every track brim withmajestic pop gold. Now, twenty years later, Mead is back after a nearly ten year absencewith the fabulous new album Cobra Pumps. A wicked platter of soulful pop, Cobra Pumpsis a dazzling return to form. In this interview Mead chats with Alex about his on-stage persona,how much to reveal on social media and the writing of Cobra Pumps. They also sharetheir mutual love of XTC’s Skylarking….

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