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Alex Green #Interview w/ Vanessa Daou

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“Vanessa Daou Always Knew She Was On Her Own Planet”

Growing up, Vanessa Daou always knew she was meant to be an artist. Growing up

in The Virgin Islands, Daou escaped a difficult childhood by immersing herself in

the creative world. An avid reader, the young Daou was inspired early on by books

like Harold And The Purple Crayon and the Little Prince and, taking her cue from

characters who fashioned their own universes, Daou began fashioning her own.

As idiosyncratic as Stereolab, as smooth as Sade and as timeless as Sarah Vaughan,

Daou’s body of work is a seamless, often mesmerizing confluence of electronica, jazz, trip-hop,

poetry and soul. In this intimate conversation Daou talks to Alex about the liberation of dance,

discovering Leonard Cohen and what it was like to sit down and collaborate with Erica Jong.

And speaking of Jong, Daou’s groundbreaking album Zipless: Songs From The Works

Of Erica Jong is finally getting released on vinyl in December.

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