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Radio Hootenanny End Of November 2017

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our Radio Hootenanny menu for this week is ready! tune in deats @!
features ♫’s from the likes of:

radio hootenanny theme – djskip meets king kong girio*

saucer eyes – the polymorphines*

thinking of birds – the vindicators*

can’t tame me – go devils

reflection – shotgun runners

thin gold chain – the betrayers*

belong here raga – the betrayers*

songs for anne marie – mat steele*

a globe of frogs – robyn hitchock & the egyptians

calm down – edward sayers*

deny – painted fruit*

this year’s girl – elvis costello

dancing in the front row – the tranzmittors*

teenage tragedy – the tranzmittors*

come on – the von bondies

you know i love you – the havocs*

hockey sucks – hanson brothers*

norco – the men in grey suits*

stampede – urban surf kings*

haberno – the 427’s*

bringing a knife to a dance fight – luau or die*

night rider – the gnarly ones*

neptune – the thing from outer space*

kiss me on the bus – the replacements

finland song – monty python

eric the half a bee – monty python

high park – please plant this band*

parched lawn blues – whyte ave womprats*

diamonds – bats in the belfry*

sheffield lights – the drop ups*

well all right – buddy holly

the engine driver – the decemberists

talk about the passion – REM

*denotes Canadian

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