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Radio Hootenanny Late April 2020

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Apr 23rd, 2020

radio hootenanny theme – skipthedj & mitch girio*

consumption – the speed humps*

get outta punk – no fix*

glassy eyes – outtacontroller*

bloodshed, and all that implies – gossamer*

brand position – keelie*

believe you me – perpetual war machine*

until we’re dead – heavy petter*

the state of the nation – expanda fuzz*

prepocalypse – chris cook*

dumb kitty – shanker & the frontenacs*

me & my cat – glen beauchamp*

lucy in the sky with linus – the bumblebats*

pass on the poi – the men in gray suits*

bulitt – the 427’s*

sleeper spy gone awry – luau or die*

a wasp stings you – matt foy*

coming true – feel alright*

is there an apocalypse about to occur? – eric & the soo*

the duct tape song – the flailing shilaleighs*

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