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Radio Hootenanny Early June 2020

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THURSDAY’S Radio Hootenanny Regular Time Slot: Thursdays 3pm – 4pm EST repeats Fridays 2am-3am EST #RadioHootenanny , #Radioshow , #DJSkip, #Alternative, #Indie,#Rock ,,#IndieRock, #Canadian, #CollegeRock, #BombshellRadio

radio hootenanny theme – skipthedj & mitch girio*

power – saffron A*

parting words the artist curates – chris page*

leave that dude – shanker & the frontenacs*

dinosaur bones – shelley*

brian wilson – commuted*

walking around – vanity phase*

hex bolt DE – em84*

the man in grey – rational youth*

dude you got adelle – wasted potential*

anatomically correct – hysterics*

passed by – organ eyes*

with you – the oaks*

don’t want – modern cynics*

makeout at the drive in – the garrys*

theme from the cartridge family – the bumblebats* 

big fish – winnie brave*

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