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Radio Hootenanny Late November 2017

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*denotes Canadian

radio hootenanny theme – djskip meets king kong girio*

tumbleplastic – los turbos

grandpa’s heater – the inbreds*

karma – duotang*

white light, white heat – velvet underground

dig for fire(velvet instrumental version) – the pixies

burn like fire – sonic avenues*

the fire fades – dead rejects

fire in the sky – familiars*

psychopaths in lukewarm baths – expanda fuzz*

shine – sleepwalk

checkpoint charlie – the city gates*

drag me – tonemirror*

lots of light – wintermilk

crosses – actors*

in between days – scene noir*

montreal to moncton – edward sayers*

brothers and sisters – edward sayers*

time to kill – the noolands*

i put the blues on everything – the underground divas*

moonshine – winnie brave*

not that kind of stuff – new grease revival*

noir, c’est noir – cindy doire*

say what you will – the liquidaires*

half the things – ginger grey*

won’t let it go – jaded juice riders

break the glass – superchunk

we’re not here to make friends – talk show host*

supply and demand – the hives

boom city – six string rebels*

no feelings – sex pistols

california uber alles – dead kennedys

sweet and tender hooligan – 59 times the pain

shoplifters of the world – the smiths

panic – the smiths

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